Finally a company who specializes in preschool photography!

At Tot Shots we create portraits parents love! We'll capture your child's personality just as they are, silly, curious, playful and precious. We believe picture day should be fun for kids, and easy for directors! No assembly line snapshots here, instead we offer one on one sessions, making sure each child has plenty of adorable poses!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should my child wear on picture day?
A. Bright, colorful clothing works well on children. Try to avoid very busy patterns or bold designs and logos that could distract from your child's face. Cute accessories like hats or bows can also be worn to add character to your child's portrait. Please don't practice smiles with your child, the photographer will capture a natural expression. Also, fresh hair cuts are generally a bad idea for picture day, cut your child's hair a few weeks in advance to give him or her time to grow into it.

Q. Can siblings be photographed together?
A. Yes! Please inform your child's teacher or director or contact Tot Shots directly with the names and ages of your children.

Q. When will my child's portraits be delivered?
A. At Tot Shots we pride ourselves on quick turn around times for orders. We hand deliver each individual package order to your child's preschool approximately ten days after the last day to order.

Q. When do I need to pay for the portraits?
A. You can pay for the pictures online using a credit or debit card by visiting our website, clicking on online proofing and following the prompts.

Q. Can I re-order more pictures after I have placed and received my initial order?
A. Yes! We store your child's images for one year after the original picture day, you will receive instructions on how to re-order with your initial package